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Mobile Childcare

Catkins on the Move (COTM) is a mobile childcare solutions company that offers three services.

  • Professional temporary mobile childcare service
  • Early years facility staff relief service
  • Catkins cosy corner

Professional temporary mobile childcare service. COTM can set up a professional childcare facility in a room/s provided by the customer. The room/s will be assessed and equipped taking into consideration the age of the children that will be catered for, it will be registered with Tusla, meeting all early year’s regulations.

catkins on the move van

When the childcare service is open to the children, it is appropriately equipped and staffed by highly motivated, qualified, professional staff and up to date curricula that has been specifically designed for the occasion. The room will meet all current Tusla Early Years regulations and health and safety standards ensuring the safest environments for the children in our care.

The mobile childcare service is a nationwide service. It is used to facilitate conferences and meetings. Training and Education seminars can have a greater attendance when childcare is provided.

The early years’ staff relief service can send qualified Early Years Practitioners (EYPs) to registered early years services when they are short staffed ensuring that they comply with regulatory Staff Child Ratios Ensuring that services remain compliant. Many services use COTM for cover short term staff sickness, long term staff sickness, term time staff cover, maternity leave trialling new services or whilst waiting for new staff Garda Vetting to come through.

Catkins Cosy corner is a service where we can set up in a corner of a room where a meeting or a conference is being held and play with and amuse children. The children do not leave the care of their parents so this means that any anxiety over using an unfamiliar service is alleviated for the parents that are participating.